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John Alexander, the principal of the firm, has been practicing law since 1974. His experience began as a legal aid lawyer litigating civil rights class actions in Federal Court. In 1976, John Alexander left legal aid and founded his law practice and has been in private practice ever since. During these years, John Alexander has taken both controversial and ordinary cases and has litigated numerous cases against many substantial defendants -- always on behalf of individuals and small corporations. Defendants who have been involved in litigation with John Alexander's clients include:



Ford Motor Company / Firestone / Citibank / Bayer / Commonwealth Edison Company / McDonald's Corporation / People's Gas Company / NICOR / Time Warner / United Airlines / Spirit Airlines / Providian Bank / Mars Candy Company / Playboy Enterprises / HMO / City of Chicago / State of Illinois / Numerous Hospitals and Doctors in the greater Chicago Area / Bollinger Industries / Packard Bell Computer Company / Bertelsmann Records / Arista Records / American Home Products / Chicago Sun Times / SBC Communications / US Cellular 

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