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Bicycle Accidents 


The bicycle accident area of law focuses on the liability of drivers of automobiles or other vehicles resulting in injuries to a cyclist.


John Alexander, an avid cyclist, triathlete and runner for over 25 years, has represented numerous cyclists, triathletes and runners who have been injured by automobiles or other vehicles.


As in any injury case, the size of the settlement/award depends on the injuries. Mr. Alexander has had substantial cycling related settlements ranging up to $400,000. Additionally, he has settled non-cyclist cases for millions of dollars.


John Alexander, an athlete who cycles over 5,000 miles a year all over the world, is very familiar with the responsibilities of motorists and their legal duties to other motorists, and more specifically to cyclists. Also, he is very familiar with the circumstances and mechanics of how a cyclist is injured when impacted by the motorist's vehicle.


There are certain laws which clearly apply to cyclists in order to protect them. For example, in Illinois it is illegal for one to open a vehicle's door on the side of moving traffic unless it is reasonably safe to do so. As many of us cyclists know from experience, this is where many accidents occur because of motorists' failure to check for oncoming cyclists. Also, a vehicle passing a cyclist on the road is required to allow a certain distance between the passing vehicle and the cyclist. There are also many other laws which are intended to protect cyclists, but unfortunately many motorists are not aware of these laws thereby resulting in accidents and injuries to cyclists.


*To discuss your bicycle accident contact Attorney John Alexander at (312) 263- 7731

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